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Basketball Academy

The IAM Basketball Academy in Toronto is designed to be intense and challenge participants to develop in all aspects of the sport of basketball as well as to develop each individual’s personal capacity to be a positive member of society. Basketball is only one aspect of a player’s life and all our players are encouraged to put in an equal effort in all areas to achieve ultimate success now and in the future. We are heavily involved in our player's lives and want them to succeed in whatever path they choose.



“Coach Dane was amazing. Friendly, knowledgeable, and very easy to talk to. Workouts are thoughtful and customized depending on areas of improvement. I highly recommend Coach Dane for anyone looking to improve their skills both on the competitive level, but also for fun."


“Dane is a great coach and friendly guy. He has a detailed session plan to work on foundational skills and mixes in game time simulations to apply what I learned. Would definitely recommend Dane as a coach!"


Professional, calm and competent. Had a great time and get a new level of skills.


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