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Advertising Content and Approval Guidelines

The following outlines our standards and guidelines on acceptable advertising appearing on our advertising channels. For technical specifications regarding advertising, please email

As Canada’s largest Out-of-Home advertising company, Varna Canada Inc brings an informed understanding of the markets we serve and provides advertisers with a commitment to quality service.

We have a process in place to assist advertisers in developing advertising creative that meets our company’s standards and the Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) Canadian Code of Advertising Standards (the Canadian Code). By this process, our company attempts to ensure that the advertising appearing on our advertising channels is honest, truthful, accurate and fair; and takes into account the community context and the community’s standards of acceptability in advertising wherever it is intended to appear.

  • All advertising creative is subject to review and approval by Varna Canada Inc before publication on our advertising channels. We reserve the right to not accept advertising if, in our opinion, the advertising does not meet our standards of acceptance.

  • The views and opinions expressed in advertisements on our advertising channels do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Varna Canada Inc.

  • If needed, we will work with our advertisers to adjust the creative, so that it meets our advertising standards. We will offer direction on the creative content and/or presentation, not the underlying advertising message itself.

  • Given that all Out-of-Home advertising is displayed in and is visible by all passersby in the communities we serve, as part of our commitment to provide quality and responsible service, we submit all advertising to a high degree of pre- and post-publication review.

  • The advertising content intended for some Out-of-Home advertising locations may require an additional level of review and approval by third parties, such as municipalities, transit authorities, or private landowners.

  • Advertisers are solely responsible to ensure their advertising creative, content, images, and branding comply with all trademark, copyright, patent and/or intellectual property laws in force in Canada

  • Advertisement should not include language, symbols, illustrations or images (real, fanciful, cartoonish or lifelike) that are likely to be offensive to a significant segment of the population in the markets which we serve; or

  • Use graphic sexual language or depict sexual or body images, nudity or semi-nudity displayed sexually, cartoon images of sex acts or silhouettes depicting sexual activity.

  • All advertising must comply with and not contravene the Canadian Code; and in particular, must not:


    ​Condone any form of personal discrimination, including that based upon race, national origin, religion, sex or age;

  • Appear realistically to exploit, condone or incite violence; nor appear to condone, or directly encourage bullying; nor directly encourage, or exhibit obvious indifference to, unlawful behavior;

  • Demean, denigrate or disparage one or more identifiable persons, group of persons, firms, organizations, industrial or commercial activities, professions, entities, products or services, or attempt to bring it or them into public contempt or ridicule;

  • Undermine human dignity; or display obvious indifference to, or encourage, gratuitously and without merit, conduct or attitudes that offend the standards of public decency prevailing among a significant segment of the population.

Guidelines for Acceptance of Advocacy Advertising

Advocacy advertising is defined under our policy and in the Canadian Code as “‘advertising’ which presents information or a point-of-view bearing on a publicly recognized controversial issue.”

Advocacy advertisements must (in addition to complying with other policies and guidelines, including the Canadian Code):

  • Clearly and prominently include the name of the advertiser and the individual(s), organization(s) or other entities responsible for paying for the advertising space, regardless of the stated, underlying or implied objective of the advocacy advertising (for assistance, please refer to our website privacy policy. 

  • Clearly and prominently include accurate information on how to contact the advertiser (for assistance at

  • Not discredit, disparage or attack a group that may have a point of view that contradicts or opposes any point of view expressed or implied in the advocacy advertisement; and

  • Ensure that the claims, statements, and representations are not misleading.

  • Advocacy advertising campaigns are sold at the standard Varna Canada Inc media rate value and with a minimum weight level for the advertising channel.


Respecting Community Standards

As part of our commitment to the communities in which we operate, every reasonable effort is made by our company to ensure that unwanted consequences are not experienced by communities in which our advertising channels are located. Efforts are made to ensure advertisements are not exhibited in an area or line of sight for a group that holds opinions contrary or opposed to those expressed or implied in the advertising; or, in our opinion, appears to be placed in such a manner that is meant to target an individual, group or organization with an opposing or contrary view.

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