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The IAM Basketball Academy in Toronto is designed to be intense and challenge participants to develop in all aspects of the sport of basketball as well as to develop each individual’s personal capacity to be a positive member of society. Basketball is only one aspect of a player’s life and all our players are encouraged to put in an equal effort in all areas to achieve ultimate success now and in the future. We are heavily involved in our player's lives and want them to succeed in whatever path they choose.



The IAM Basketball Academy’s goal is to maximize athlete potential and give them the best opportunity to advance their athletic career. This is achieved through 42 hours of on-court fundamental skills training by the experienced university and pro-level twin brothers. Dwayne and Dane will lead the Basketball Academy.




The IAM Basketball Academy is a course intended to develop the all-round player. Early focus is on developing individual skill and building the aerobic running base. Both of these skills are essential when developing the more complex skills of team play and power or strength training. Finally, it is imperative that all students have a good understanding of the rules of play and the appropriate strategies to incorporate in play.

LOCATION: 130 Racco Parkway

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This schedule is subject to change, based on final registration numbers, permits, and facility availability.  The IAM Basketball Acadamey  reserves the right to merge age groupings together in the case where a division is not viable due to registration numbers.


  • Lay Ups - Both hands, proper way of jumping

  • Ball Handling and Dribbling - Dribbling with left and right hand, crossover, etc.

  • Basic and Advanced Passing - Chest pass,  bounce pass, overhead pass

  • Passing Under Pressure - Breaking pressures like full court press

  • Basic Screens

  • Footwork - Jab steps, ball fakes, pass fakes and shot fakes

  • Rebounding - Introduce rebounding technique

  • Post Moves - Drop step, jump hook, etc.

  • Spacing - Introduce basic spacing concepts

  • Offense - 2 on 2, 3 on 3, offensive motion concepts, 5 on 5, etc.

  • Defense - Basic stance, defensive slide, off ball principles

  • Shooting Form

  • Athletic and Movement Skills - Run, jump, land, skip, stop, move laterally, squat, lunge and other basic movements


“Coach Dane was amazing. Friendly, knowledgeable, and very easy to talk to. Workouts are thoughtful and customized depending on areas of improvement. I highly recommend Coach Dane for anyone looking to improve their skills both on the competitive level, but also for fun."


“Dane is a great coach and friendly guy. He has a detailed session plan to work on foundational skills and mixes in game time simulations to apply what I learned. Would definitely recommend Dane as a coach!"


Professional, calm and competent. Had a great time and get a new level of skills.



David Carter


Coach Carter has always been an athlete. Whether it was on the basketball court during College and high-school or running for the track team.  Being part of a team has always been a part of his life.


Coach Carter’s experience from coaching and playing has translated to a passion for motivating and and training basketball Student-Athletes. 



The unseen hours you put into your craft as a player or coach, the inner voice that pushes you to keep going - keep pushing - this is coach Carter’s mantra. This is the drive and dedication he hopes to inspire in all of the athletes he comes into contact with. “Every player is worth it!”